How to Apply

Applying for a position with Council is simple. Please set aside 10-15 minutes of your time before starting the application process as the quality of information you provide is very important and will be used to determine a short list of candidates for interview. The process involves a few simple steps.
Before you start, make sure you can access an electronic copy of your CV
You will be requested to attach an electronic copy of your CV at the end of the application process.
Find the position you are interested in
Simply click on the VACANCIES tab. Alternatively, you can enter a reference number (if you have seen the position advertised) or a keyword.
Answer a questionnaire
This is normally no more than 20 questions which are designed to provide us with more information about your qualifications and experience as it relates to the position and/or employment with Council. Answering these questions allows us to process your application more efficiently.
Upload your CV
Simply upload your CV (in a compatible format) onto our system by following the instructions detailed on this site.